Secure Hash®v.1.0 Integrity Verification Utility

Secure Hash® is a utility for scanning the hard disk (or any storage media) on a Windows PC to calculate MD5 , SHA1  and SHA2 hashes of the files and build a file list with some other vital information such as file size, location, date of creation, and date of modification. The resulting list can be used during a cyber forensic investigation and can be saved for further analysis or comparison to insure the integrity of the investigation.More


RedHawk 100 Mobile Forensic Lab

This mobile forensic lab offers a higher-end solution for the busy, on the go Forensic Investigators. RedHawk® 100 is dedicated forensic equipment that is used solely for the forensic analysis of suspect computer data. Since completion of basic design and development, refinements have continued to be made as computer technology and forensic techniques have advanced. The result is a piece of equipment that can be used with confidence that maximum levels of evidential integrity and security are being maintained. More


EviPrime V.1.1

® is an advanced forensic tool for evidence acquisitionfrom computers using Microsoft Windows operating system. EviPrime® scans a computer for all possible evidence and sorts the findings in a categorical order for future investigation.  More

Our Mission

To create and implement the easy to maintain and secured solutions for day-to-day needs of individuals, small and mid-size businesses, and large enterprises trough the best utilization of our core values of quality and innovation, performance, and integrity.



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